Our team delivered the world’s first remote handling equipment to operate inside a nuclear fusion reactor. The company was founded by a group of uniquely-skilled engineers so that they could keep working together to solve engineering problems.

From that small group of individuals we developed into a limited company with state-of-the-art facilities. Now, part of the Veolia Group, we are growing and have increased our capacity for large scale projects and framework partnerships.


We solve problems. Sometimes the only way to find a solution is to make something new: we are innovative out of necessity. We build nothing less, and nothing more, than that which is fit for purpose (keep it simple, stupid).


David Loughborough BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

VNS UK Managing Director

David started his career with an apprenticeship as a draughtsman before going to Newcastle University where he graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering.

In 1985 he started work as a Graduate at AERE Harwell on the circular filter development program. In 1992 became the Project Manager for the first decommissioning project to be taken to a brown field site which involved the remote dismantling of two plutonium contaminated hot cells using the newly developed hydraulic manipulator known as Artisan, which resulted in him being awarded UK's Project Manager of the Year by the APM for this project in 1995. He then went on to manage a series of decommissioning projects at Amersham and AWE Aldermaston.

in 1998, as Operations Director for the recently privatised AEA Nuclear Engineering at Dounreay which included running the design office for the site, the reactor maintenance team, the decommissioning team and supporting the Consultancy and Health Physics groups.

In 2000 he became the Managing Director of the business (450 staff, £45m t/o) with the remit to sell the business as part of a corporate restructuring - you would know the business today as Nuvia.

He then took on AEA's Battery Systems business turning it from a licensing business (it held the patent for lithium ion technology) into a technology led company providing leading edge battery systems to the space and military sectors moving the business from £5m to £16m t/o in 3 years. This was a joint venture with 2 major Japanese companies including Mitsubushi Material Corp.

He then joined Jacobs working out of their Glasgow office where he ran the Nuclear and Defence business in Scotland as well as a national programme for EDF around £80m per annum).

After 5 years he was tempted to move to the construction company that was building the Olympic Village to set up a Nuclear Division targeted to transfer their construction capability into the new build programme.

In Sept 2011 he moved to AREVA, this was to run their UK Consulting business with the remit of turning the business around and modernising it. This later included moving it to a more broader based technical services based consultancy specialising in complex safety, waste management, shielding and human factors solutions.
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Simon Delavalle

Engineering Director

Simon Delavalle is a Mechatronics Engineer following a career path in robotics and technology.

With an Engineering Diploma from one of France's Engineering School of Higher Education, he started with a short spell in the automation industry before moving to England to work in surgical robotics where he developed solutions for brain surgery and keyhole operations. He then moved to Oxford Technologies Limited to design remote handling solutions for the nuclear fusion industry, high energy physics experiments and the nuclear decommissioning sector. There, he lead teams to deliver robotics solutions to ITER, Dounreay, Sellafield and Fukushima.

Simon is now the Engineering Director of Oxford TechnologiesLimited, part of Veolia Nuclear Solutions, overseeing the company projects for challenging remote handling operations
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Stephen Sanders

Strategic Remote Operations Director

Stephen was a founding member of Oxford Technologies in 2000 after working in the remote handling group at the JET project, Culham. Stephen’s early role at JET was as a JET Responsible Officer with responsibilities for the installation of over 100 diagnostic systems inside the JET machine. After the JET machine became active, he joined the remote handling group where he was involved in several extensive remote handling campaigns.

Prior to his time at JET, Stephen worked in the computer industry, first at Ferranti Computer Systems in Manchester, then RM in Oxford where he was group leader of product design.
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Mark Sharpe

UK Sales & Commercial Director

Mark has worked in the Nuclear Industry for most of his career over 30 years across most of the nuclear research sites in the UK. Born and educated in W. Cumbria he started work at UKAEA, Windscale as a Scientific Officer on post irradiation examination and computer modelling and supported early CEGB programmes and safety cases for operating nuclear stations. During this time Mark gained his first degree in Physics at Manchester.

Upon the commercialisation and privatisation of AEA Technology (split from UKAEA in the 90s) Mark moved into a more commercial role through contracts management, bid management and ultimately Sales Director for the Nuclear Science Business of AEA Technology during a period of major changes in the UK civil nuclear industry. Mark supported this move with continued studies attaining a MBA at Manchester in 2000.

In 2002, Mark was instrumental in the divestment of the nuclear businesses of AEA Technology to BNFL as AEA Technology left the nuclear sector. Mark remained with AEA Technology for a number of years working in Business Development in the Defence sector for a portfolio of products/services.

Mark returned to the nuclear sector when he joined the commercialising National Nuclear Laboratory then Nexia Solutions in Strategic Business Development and developed Submarine and CBRN Defence accounts before moving to International BD in the Middle East supporting UAE and Saudi nuclear programmes. In July 2014 Mark helped build Oxford Technologies business in the nuclear sector from its core business in nuclear fusion.
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Viv Matthews MA in HRM, Chartered Fellow of CIPD

HR Director

Viv is a very experienced HR professional, used to working at both strategic and operational levels. She holds an MA in Human Resource Management gained at Oxford Brookes University and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Starting out in the North East of England where she spent her childhood, Viv worked in HR for companies such as Group 4 Total Security, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Northumbria Police and Halecroft.

Viv moved to the South East in 1988 and continued her HR career with Vichy UK (part of the L’Oreal Group), Ridge & Partners (Surveyors, Architects and Engineers), then spent 14 years with regional law firm Henman’s LLP as Head of HR.

Since being made redundant in 2013 when Henman’s merged with Freeth Cartwright, Viv has worked for AREVA Risk Management Consulting in the Nuclear Industry for the last 5 years.

Outside of work Viv shows boxers and judges at Championship Show level, as well as being Treasurer for the British Boxer Club, Boxer Breed Council and the Boxer Event.
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Graham Stanley

Programme Director

A commercially astute and very relationship focused individual who is innovative, professional, competent, self-motivated and responsible.

A senior project, portfolio, program & engineering director, with a long proven track record for using system driven approaches for delivering a wide range of multi-disciplined, quality projects, programs and portfolios safely to both time and budget.

Emphasis on active operations, maintenance and decommissioning within the nuclear industry.
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People come to us because we think differently. We are proven to come up with innovative and reliable solutions to engineering problems. We will solve your problem, but not necessarily in the way you expected.


The key to successful projects, client relationships and collaborations is honesty. Our clients’ problems are our own, so we recommend solutions with your interests in mind. If there’s a problem, we’ll tell you, and we’ll fix it.


We plan, specify, implement, and manage solutions to engineering problems in high technology sectors. Companies like Cavendish Nuclear Ltd and Jacobs choose to work with us because we don’t just present our solution and move on. We solve problems our clients haven’t thought of yet, and we can be relied upon to handle everything.


We believe in KISS (keep it simple, stupid) in engineering, and in everything. We are easy to work with, and we answer questions without fear.

Our commitment

As an organisation, we understand how important it is to look at the bigger picture, and keep an eye on the place of our industry in the wider scheme of things. We have worked directly for the European Commission training future remote handling engineers, and built established relationships with the European Fusion Development Association (EFDA) and European Space Agency (ESA). We are committed to our corporate social responsibilities: development opportunities for budding scientists and engineers, visiting schools and Universities, and investing in apprenticeships and graduate schemes.



Queen's Awards for Enterprise