Veolia Nuclear Solutions has carried out a number of consultations in the specification of equipment that needs to withstand levels of radiation that are lethal to humans, and cause electronics to deteriorate extremely quickly, without protection. These involve investigations into ways of designing the accompanying environments and systems to best accommodate this equipment.


We collaborate with organisations such as F4E, The University of Leuven and SCK*CEN in Mol, Belgium, providing remote handling expertise and specialist advice on radiation mitigation and testing. In the cases of high-energy physics projects, the environmental factors can be even more demanding. Not only does the equipment need to be radiation-hard, it might also need to be able to operate in extreme environments such as submerged in a nuclear pond, in very high magnetic fields or even work in a vessel of liquid metal.


Testing kit and materials:

We test components and materials to help our clients determine which COTS kit would be best to use for a given application, in instances when radiation levels can be extremely high.

Design and specification:

Currently, we contribute to two main areas of design and specification: designing away the need for radiation tolerance, and using our production expertise to specify kit that remote handling engineers will be able to use easily.