We build and test prototypes and bespoke equipment on-site within our workshop and test facility.
We are equipped with state-of-the-art CAD and VR systems, operations analysis systems and a comprehensive suite of software and standards for remote handling management.

Assembly, Integration & Test Facility

Our 10,000 ft2 Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) facility was opened in September 2014 for build and trials of remote handling equipment. With a state-of-the-art control room and full scale haptic master manipulator, we can control a wide range of remote handling and robotic equipment. The AIT facility has a 10m x 5m x 4.5m deep pit for use as a pond or dry pit, increasing headroom to over 10m for large structures. A 10 tonne Demag crane covers almost the entire floor area, to accommodate large scale build and mock-up projects.


DEXTER is a state-of-the-art Master Arm optimised for a human operator. DEXTER is the most transparent and dexterous manipulation system in the world. DEXTER kinematics have been specifically developed to suit a wide range of human movement at full scale, without hindering the operator. This provides a convenient work space within the human comfort zone for a wide range of dexterous tasks.

Application Areas for DEXTER:

  • Connected to Robot Slave – control of kinematically similar AV robot devices
  • Stand Alone:
    • Connected to Virtual Slave – control of computer generated objects in virtual worlds
    • Human operator training for complex manipulation tasks

DEXTER Features:

  • Force-feedback
  • 6 Degrees of freedom
  • Singularity free motion
  • Imperceptible reflected inertia
  • Imperceptible static and viscous friction
  • Excellent positional resolution
  • High performance Master-Slave force control
  • Statically balanced
  • Safety systems implemented in hardware and software providing multilayered protection and redundancy
  • Force scaling
  • API
  • Customisable HMI

Workshop & Test Lab

Our robotics test lab is fitted with actuator test rigs, dynamometers, bench and portable oscilloscopes, signal generators, data acquisition equipment and a wide range of electrical test equipment. We also operate a fully equipped workshop with milling, turning and measuring equipment.

CAD systems

  • CATIA® v5
  • Smart Team
  • SolidWorks®
  • ProE Wildfire®
  • AutoCAD®
  • ANSYS FE Modelling
  • Mathcad

Virtual reality systems

  • 3DVia Composer®
  • 3DStudioMax®
  • VR4Max®
  • Deep Explorer® from Right Hemisphere®
  • VR4Robots®

Operations analysis

  • SIMUL8®
  • BASELINE™ (OTL Proprietary software)


Remote handling equipment testing and development

  • Labview®
  • Matlab®


Remote handling standards




  • BSOnline access