Fission Decommissioning

Decommissioning  disused nuclear fission infrastructure is a task that faces the industry across the globe. Veolia Nuclear Solutions is at forefront of operations in the UK, working in the most challenging decommissioning areas including legacy waste stores, ponds and silos. Thorough specification and scoping is paramount in these projects, as unforeseen factors can prolong operations and drain public funding.

We  are working at all levels  within UK and international decommissioning programmes including Dounreay, Sellafield and Fukushima. Veolia Nuclear Solutions collaborates with site license companies, and government and industrial partners to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions for fission decommissioning.

Nuclear Fusion

The nuclear fusion environment presents its own set of challenges, and we are uniquely experienced to handle them, as fusion projects continue to progress. Since our very beginning, we have provided remote handling support to the world’s leading fusion projects, JET, and ITER.

Today we provide engineering support services to Remote Handling, Diagnostic and Machine Assembly & Integration groups (MAI). This work continues through contracts with ITER, F4E and Jacobs Nuclear.

High Energy Physics

High energy physics projects demand innovative plant maintenance solutions for their active environments. Applications vary hugely, from the search for exotic particles, to commercial application of inertial fusion energy or the nuclear transmutation of radioactive waste.

We have relationships with some of the most challenging and prestigious projects in Europe today, such as the MYRRHA project at SCK-CEN, the Belgian nuclear research centre, and CERN in Geneva.

Developing Sectors

Thanks to the resources we have at our disposal, Veolia Nuclear Solutions is able to explore innovative solutions to problems in new and developing sectors. The applications for remote handling and our other areas of expertise are broad, from space, to medicine and petro-chemical plant.